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Welcome to my homepage.

NEW!!! See the art and pictures of a wonderful young lady with leukemia, Yaprak Duyal (Updated February 18, 2002). Support Children's Art Project at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Pictures of my Irish-American family (all stranded at Maureen McCabe's B&B near the Shannon airport).

I can't say I understand everything about baseball, but these nicknames are surely funny.

To see my vitae, which includes a list of papers, click here.

To see a slideshow of an event study on the contested and failed merger of Staples and Office Depot, click here.

If you are moving in the Washington, DC, metro area and need movers, call my friend Aaron Williams (202-345-6222) for a free cost estimate.

I am an economist (jokes), my current research concentrates on simulating asymmetric oligopolies. Mathematica (TM Wolfram Research) is one of the programming applications that I use for economic modeling. Mathematica is also very useful for creating and analyzing cool, colorful graphics -- such as these "UFO pictures" (© Serdar Dalkir, 1998-2002) below.

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